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Native clematis - photo by Carol Lim
Native clematis, grown and photographed by Carol Lim. Photo Gallery: Carol Lim

Welcome home - photo by Karen Thompson
The view that says: 
"Welcome home to English Hills."
Photos taken in our neighborhood 
are always welcome for website and newsletter. 

Click to learn about the Life Cycle
of the Monarch Butterfly, Carol Lim

Visitors - photo by Cathy Diepholz
Visitors that Cathy Diepholz discovered in her yard.
Photo Gallery: Deer Visit English Hills

Bears in English Hills - photos by Alexander & Konrad Sanders

photo of mother black bear & 3 cubs visiting English Hills
(bear photos: Alexander & Konrad Sanders) Photo Gallery: Black Bears


Upcoming Events and Notices
Support your community events, and get to know your neighbors. These events bring us together as a community, and are always lots of fun for all.


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Photo Galleries

~ Apr. 2011: Life Cycle of the Monarch Butterfly
~ Apr. 2011: Deer Visit English Hills
~ Apr. 2011:
Photos by Carol Lim
Sept. 2009: Black Bear Photos
Jan. 2009: Winter Party Photos
~ Sept. 2008: Picnic Photos 

News Update, June 18, 2012:
Coyotes Spotted in English Hills

For more details about coyotes, download this informative flyer from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission: Coexisting with Coyotes


The entrance to English Hills
 from Kanuga Road.




EHHA Association Officers 2013-2014
President Art Mack mackar4264@yahoo.com
Vice President Bill Geiger wgeiger@his.com
Secretary Lesley Darrah lesley.darrah@gmail.com
Treasurer Debbie Mentch mentchfamily@hotmail.com
Co-Social Director MC Gaylord acksanders@bellsouth.net
Co-Social Director Suzanne Peterson suzanne.peterson@rocketmail.com
Past President Abigail Karroubi karroubi@bellsouth.net
Associate Director Elly Vollmers vollmers@morrisbb.net 
Associate Director Jennie-Lynne McFadden jennie-lynne@att.net

Bylaws & Covenants

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